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The Way that can be spoken of is not the true way.

-Lao Tzu

I used to believe if I studied hard enough and tried my very best, I would finally understand why this self feels like a shadow of True Being.

Within this struggle words would clash with other words, and thoughts would loop around endlessly in bewilderment.  The harder I tried to master understanding, the further it was from my grasp.

I have found that answers come to me when I let go of them.


If there is struggle, then answers will not reveal themselves.

Learn to be comfortable in the not knowing.

You are growing.  You are changing.

Trust in that.

If your life does not fit what you feel on the inside, be patient.

As we stretch towards enlightenment, we are bound to feel disoriented.  We are learning Oneness when all we have ever known is the individual experience of being separate.

I know we are One, but the fact that I am articulating this as an individual being defeats this knowing.

Therein, lies the ultimate paradox of existence.

Show Up

If your life has unraveled enough and you are open to searching for Truth, it actually is fairly simple.  Each day make time to meditate.  If you haven’t done so before, I imagine some resistance may be creeping its way into your awareness.  The good news is, being a novice is completely acceptable.  In fact, that might even be an advantage.  There won’t be as many preconceived expectations of what mediation time will look like.  Expectations that go unmet often lead us away from our True Path.

The most important aspect of meditating is that you make a daily commitment to it.  You only have to show up.  Every. Single. Day. 

It may take some time to find what allows you to connect to the space between thoughts.  This could be any number of things.  Relaxing music, a mantra, opening your eyes, closing your eyes, sitting with legs crossed, using religious texts and passages that resonate…basically anything that gives you permission to fully immerse yourself in the Now.  It also might be helpful to know that the things that work today, may not work tomorrow.  This only means you need to be open to new ways to connect to Truth.

When I first started meditating daily, I did so with a purpose.  While I could feel the Truth inside me, I believed that I had to use it to make my life how I wanted.  This put me under tremendous pressure and I grew to dislike meditating, especially because my life wasn’t improving.  I felt like a failure.

As I have deepened my connection to Truth, I realized that Truth isn’t worried about what is going on in my personal life.

I hate that.

Instead, Truth is.

It just is.

I have stopped asking Truth for things.  I only show up and connect to the Love Within Me, which is the Love That Is Within All of Us and let go of the world.  This is extremely hard to do.  The showing up is easy.  The allowing the personal self to quiet and let go is very painful.  At least it is for me at this time.  I am hopeful that eventually Truth will shift me away from my attachment to the world.  Meaning I will no longer rely on other people, places or things to align to my liking for me to have peace.  I will hopefully learn to let the world unfold as it should, and know with all that I Am that ALL IS WELL.

Peace doesn’t look like anything.  It only can be experienced.

What will you make time for today?



“Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner.”

-Lao Tzu

There comes a point in one’s journey where you realize that trying to win over someone else’s love and approval is impossible.  Circumstances, feelings, thoughts and dynamics swirl about in constant chaos never permanently landing. Of course you will catch glimpses of seeming external love and approval, but they are fleeting.  You can feel love around you sometimes, but you can never really grasp it.

The world hurts when you expect the people in it to love you.  It hurts a lot.  You can try to change, or you can try to manipulate others to change to fulfill your approval quota, but this is inauthentically hollow.  Your only solution is to let go of your need for approval entirely.

How can you do this?

The answer is simple and hard.

Love yourself.

This is a platitude that seems impossible.

It is impossible.

You cannot fully love your tiny self.  You can have moments of love for the personal self and its story.  You can have times where you think you are ‘getting life right’, but inevitably, these float away as quickly as they arrive.  Soon you make a horrible mistake, you lose your temper, you hate how you look, you judge yourself and others so harshly that if you spoke the words out loud you would be shamed for eternity.

The tiny self, like the external world, will never get anything perfectly right making sustainable self-approval an impossibility.

Your only option is to connect to your Whole Self.  In this giant, rock-solid landscape there are mountains of permanent approval.

You already have all the approval you need.  If you came to know this, imagine how your life would be transformed.  You would make decisions based in authenticity, not based on fear of others’ reactions.

You would be Whole.

You would be Self-Full.