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A World of Light

At the beginning of 2017, I started a daily yoga practice.  Often, during my time on the mat, various teachers and instructors have said, “Take what serves you and leave the rest.”  This is a guiding principle for all of life and recently, I have realized it is especially applicable to relationships.

We make relationships harder than they need to be.  If we are conscious, we can interact with another without making them responsible for how we feel.  We can allow them the space to be a full expression of who they are.  We can learn to judge less and observe more.

It’s never the person hurting us, it is our story about them that hurts us.

We must learn to ‘take what serves us’ in a relationship and let go of everything else.  If the relationship does not serve, then we have to let go of it completely.

Let them go with love.



Hope vs Faith

What is the difference between hope and faith?

Hope means you wish something to be different than it is.

Faith is acceptance of what is regardless of how it may be judged by you or by the world.

Hope means that you look to the future for peace.

Faith means you are at peace right now.

Hope itself is neither bad or good.  It is part of the tapestry of the personal self’s story in the world. Sometimes the tapestry is rich and full. Sometimes the threads fray and the pattern is muted into oblivion. Faith loves both equally.

It is not up to you to let go of hope.  Sometimes hope will move you in a way the self deems helpful and sometimes hope will lead you nowhere.  Either way you choose to go, faith is happy to follow.

A personal self will always hope life will be different.  True freedom means allowing this hope to rise and fall like the tide.  The tide does not belong to you.  Faith has always known this.  Isn’t it time you know this too?