The Pause

There is a pause that lives within us.  It is between our thoughts suspended in time.  From this pause arises all the wisdom we will ever need.  Stories of fear fall away and light enters our hearts when we are submerged in this pause.

We find grace in the pause.

It is habitual to be reactionary.  Without a pause, our anger spills forward with a force that carries away our reason and kindness.  The landscape of our lives becomes barren, scorched by the veracity of our fears.

When we live from our fear, we make mistakes.  Sometimes we use these mistakes as an excuse to cut our emotional insides to shreds.

But, a mistake is nothing but a mistake.




Until you have forgiven.

Until you are forgiven.

Until you remember there was nothing to forgive in the first place.




Love will find its way to you.



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