I have a song in my heart and I am afraid to sing it.

Within the parameters of my ordinary life, extraordinary events have occurred.

I have been lost.  I have been saved.  I have been everything in between.

The first time my heart broke I was certain love was lost to me forever.

But love always found me.  I never turned it away.

Through the gains and the loss that love showed me, I grew as a human. I learned that a broken heart mends stronger, wiser and no worse for the wear.

The stories I collected as I traveled through life showed me exquisite joy and excruciating pain.

I was so busy living my life, sometimes I forgot to share it.

Until one day I was a brave, wild storyteller standing on the cliffs of wisdom shouting my life at the top of my lungs.


A few kind souls heard me.  They answered and we collapsed in a heap of shared experience.  When one of us was weak, the rest would carry them to safety.

These people showed me The Way.

I felt so free my heart kept telling its stories until one day, they landed on some hearts hardened by what life had given them.  Worse yet, some hearts chose to completely ignore my stories.  Important hearts.  Ones that mattered.  A part of me froze.  The storytelling part.

As I watched my stories slip away like balloons set free in the sky, a darkness settled over me.  I was faced with a choice.  Either I continue my storytelling, or I stay quiet in an abyss of disconnect.

I must admit, it felt safer to envelop myself in that darkened abyss, but I did not want to die there.

I wanted to live and give.  I wanted to laugh and cry.

I wanted to tell my story.

So, I did.

I will tell my story as long as there is life in this body and fire in my being.  As the starry dots of my soul configure into a beautiful hymn of the heart, I pray you find yourself there, too.

Harmony is so sweet.


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