The Immutable Nature of Truth

The concept that the world is neutral can feel deeply unsettling.  How can this be so, you may wonder.  It’s highly likely you’ve already had whisperings of this Knowledge if you are reading this.  As a personal self, a neutral world is at the outer limit of our understanding.  That’s the whole point.  When your understanding is pushed so far, that’s when you can connect to Truth.  However, if you get pushed too far, too quickly, you may reject Truth before you allow yourself to experience it.  Either accepting or denying Truth is perfectly okay.  Never judge yourself for where you are.  You’re here.  That’s the only place you ever need to be. Truth, not-truth or half-Truth, they all lead Home eventually.

If you have pushed your personal self to the absolute boundary of understanding, you may be open to viewing the neutral nature of the world.  It’s always helpful to keep an open mind, but if it becomes too frightening, it’s okay to step back.  An indicator of fear is feeling angry or defensive.  That’s all acceptable too.  How you see the world is how you see the world.  Truth remains unchangeable beyond the reaches of human perception.  Take comfort that the Truth is immutable.  Stay open, if possible, because reaching for Truth may be a salve to your soul.


All the meaning we give the world is the story we project onto it.  If we are feeling lost and disconnected from our Source, the world seems cruel and soul-crushingly lonely.  If we heal enough to let the Light back in, Love is all around us.  The more you heal your thoughts and your mind by opening to Truth, the more loving the world will become for you.

As our understanding expands, our stories about the world we think we see will be altered.  Any attack or perceived lack of love is simply an invitation to turn inward and remember the Love buried deep within us. Think about that!  How many golden opportunities do we have each and every day to turn towards Love? Infinite really. That’s how much we are Loved. We are given endless opportunities to remember we are Love. Every attack, hurt, or heartbreak we experience is because WE ARE LOVED.  Love is trying to teach us that we always have everything we need within us. This way we no longer rely on a world that rarely makes sense. This is Total Freedom.

Love is trying to show us that each of us are priceless jewels cupped gently in the hand of God.

Our only mistake is that we have forgotten how to shine.




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