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Hope vs Faith

What is the difference between hope and faith?

Hope means you wish something to be different than it is.

Faith is acceptance of what is regardless of how it may be judged by you or by the world.

Hope means that you look to the future for peace.

Faith means you are at peace right now.

Hope itself is neither bad or good.  It is part of the tapestry of the personal self’s story in the world. Sometimes the tapestry is rich and full. Sometimes the threads fray and the pattern is muted into oblivion. Faith loves both equally.

It is not up to you to let go of hope.  Sometimes hope will move you in a way the self deems helpful and sometimes hope will lead you nowhere.  Either way you choose to go, faith is happy to follow.

A personal self will always hope life will be different.  True freedom means allowing this hope to rise and fall like the tide.  The tide does not belong to you.  Faith has always known this.  Isn’t it time you know this too?



The Basket of Bread

A spiritual seeker is often the least popular person in the room. Being that a seeker is often highly perceptive, they know this and silence their Truth. That is why they are lonely in a crowd. They do their best to fit in when in fact, they only widen the divide of belonging by staying quiet.

It never pays to be less than Who-We-Are. Our choice as a seeker is simple. Choose your Truth or choose belonging.

Seekers must learn that belonging is the illusion. Only Truth is real.

For a long time a seeker will be alone, stuck in the need to connect with the world. It seems easier to play along, keep quiet and at least be invited into the room.

Eventually, the seeker loses strength, loses patience, loses hope.

Why is it that we seekers must wait to lose all hope before we journey back to Truth? I’m sad for the lost seekers. I’m also joyful that they are finally on their way Home.

Every day I am stepping out of the crowded room and speaking my Heart.  No one exactly knows what I’m talking about. No one actually gets what I’m trying to say. I’m not quite ready to give up on belonging for good, but I know I will let go of it eventually. It will fall away and I will once again be comfortable in any room, even if it’s crowded, vacant or won’t willingly open its doors for me.  It will not matter.  The rooms, the people, me…none of it matters.

Everything that does matter is within me. I have all the belonging I could every dream of multiplied by a thousand.  So do you.

Oh, my Dear Friend! You aren’t lost.

You are finally found.


Changing the World

I started on the inward path as a means to change my external world.  I tried desperately to translate the Truth of My Soul onto the world.  I didn’t understand how I could be aware of Everlasting Peace within me and not have it show up outside of me.  Turns out, I had the prayer equation backwards.  I thought that changing the outside is what allowed me to be at Peace.  Only this isn’t so.  Peace is now regardless of what my life looks like.



This concept of ‘righting the inside’ to get the world I wanted eluded me for a long, long time.  It’s hard to let go and connect to the Love Within when your world is full of anxiety, darkness and despair.

As I have learned to embrace the process of going within, I am less angry that my life isn’t what I want it to be.  This is because there is a Love so Beautiful within me that when I connect to it, the world pales in comparison.

When I sit with this Beauty I am transcendent and so very Loved.  I not only have Joy, I am Joy.  I know all is well and that everyone has equal access to this inheritance of Everlasting Love.

Then, I come back to the world and survey the landscape of my life.  It doesn’t look any different and I still hurt deeply.


There is a lining of hope that colors my soul now.  Within my heart a wisdom has taken root and it comforts me.

My world isn’t changing.

Only how I am in the world has changed.