Opening to Truth

Opening our minds to Truth is the only way to experience lasting peace.

Truth can only be learned through direct experience. It is the space between thoughts. It cannot be intellectually described. There are no personal concepts that capture it.

If you have a direct experience of Truth, the world of form will begin to make less and less sense to you. The tiny self will do all it can to keep you outwardly focused on its story in the world.  It will attack you, use fear and provide a never-ending stream of complicated worldly circumstances to keep your attention away from Truth.

The initial experiences of keeping Truth in your awareness are a lot of work. Truth seems unnatural because we are so invested in our individual identity. Letting Truth in is not a one and done process. It takes time and a willingness beyond the tiny self’s comprehension. You have to turn to Truth again and again until it sticks.

I have experienced Truth. I know I am more than the body that writes this. You can’t know this until you do. Once you do, you will never be the same.

“An awareness of Truth does not lead you to martyrdom. It leads you to accept the limitations of the world and the people in it. You will adjust to this with comfort when you know the Truth within you is the only constant on which you can rely. This awareness is what leads you to peace.”

-Elizabeth Cronkhite

4 Habits for Inner Peace

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