Love and Purpose

What is your purpose?

God’s plan for you is simple.  God’s plan for you is right now.

You are living your purpose right now.

Nothing in the external experience of your life has to change.  Not one thing.

The personal self makes you think you must do or change something to be purposeful. You must take action to find your value.  You must constantly be on a vigilant quest to fulfill your destiny.  It does this so you keep your focus outside of yourself.  You will continue to look and ponder and wander and wonder, but you will never find your Real Purpose out there in life’s externals.

“Seek but do not find.”

A Course In Miracles

(T-16.v.6; W-71.4; M-13.5)

Real Purpose isn’t about doing, it’s about being.  You already are purposeful.

You woke up.  You are reading this.  You drank your coffee, or you didn’t.   Yet, you are powerfully purposeful.  You might have forgotten this or been distracted by believing you are not enough.

The power of Real Purpose comes from within.  Real Purpose is a present-moment decision. Real Purpose is remembering You are Love at all times.


I said God’s plan for you was simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy.  Loving the unlovable, in whatever form it shows up for you, takes tremendous strength, courage and commitment.

You can’t do it alone.  You have to reach for God’s Hand to help you.  Trust me, you are going to have to reach again and again, so much so that your arm will ache with the effort. You are going be scared.  You are going to feel alone.  Why?  Because choosing Love over fear isn’t what you are used to.  There will be times that even leaning on the strength of God won’t be enough.  You are going to let go of His Hand.  You will run away and never want to look at Love again.  But you won’t be the same.  Living in fear and searching, searching, searching for a solace outside yourself that can’t be found, won’t be enough anymore.  So, with a heavy heart and fear of the unknown, you will once again raise your, aching outstretched arm to God.  Part of you hopes He lets go of you forever. Part of you knows He never let go in the first place.

You are Love.

You are Loved.

If you remember only this in every encounter or every endeavor, you are fulfilling God’s plan.

You become instantly purpose-filled.

It really is as simple and impossible as that.

You don’t need a radical life overhaul.

All you need is Love.



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