The Story of Two Selves

This is a story about a tiny self.  The tiny self is born, it lives and then it dies.

I don’t know about you but that seems pretty depressing.  Even if a tiny self accomplishes great things as evaluated by the culture of which it believes it belongs, it still dies.

The tiny self’s ending will never change.  Its ending is always tragic or sad.

Then, there’s the story of the Whole Self.  It is timeless, eternal and infinite.  It connects everyone and everything to Love.

The Whole Self never begins so therefore it can never end.  There isn’t technically a story here.  There is only Infinite Light.

The Whole Self is Love.

If the tiny self acknowledges Love in any form, it is acknowledging the Whole Self.  If a tiny self is fearful, it denies the Truth of what-it-really-is.  It thinks it is tiny.  This is where its fear originates.  Wouldn’t you be scared if you believed you could end at any moment?  Wouldn’t you question your value if you could disappear from the earth in an instant?

By my estimation there are a lot of frightened tiny selves out there trying to be whole but failing miserably.

“This body is just an image.

It has nothing to do with what I am.”

-“Your Immortal Reality” by Gary Renard

Whenever your tiny self remembers to Love, see Love or invite Love into its perspective, Heaven rejoices.  Hold tight to this Love.  It is what will bring you Home.  It is what will save you and your tiny self.

It is what will save the world.


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