Teach Only Love

Teach only love, for that is what you are.

-A Course in Miracles (T-6.1.13:2)

To teach love isn’t to demonstrate it boldly or conspicuously.  It is an action born of the heart and manifests wherever and however needed.  You are only love.  Every day, every minute and every second of the day you choose to remember this, or not.

To have peace, teach peace to learn it.

-ACIM (T-6.V.B.7:5)

Peace is in everything simply waiting to be uncovered.  It waits for you.  It weeps for you.  It carries you through even when you say words such as ‘impossible!’ or ‘never!’ or ‘not for me!’

It is for everyone.  Even your most hated enemy has access to the same peace as you do. Each of us has exactly the same inheritance.


For all of us.

Peace does not judge.

If an obstacle is in your way, it is your gateway. When life doesn’t rise to meet you, this is your invitation to rise up and meet Your Self.  Each time you fall, each time you break, it is your moment to rise.

Keep rising.


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