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The Aliveness of All That Is

At any given moment, if I stop myself in time, I feel the energy of everything around me.  It is a constant buzzing that loops around me and through me.

I know I need to make peace with this energy.  I would prefer to be like everyone else and make my way in the world without noticing it.  I’m not sure, but most people I know of don’t feel this.  When I am brave enough to ask the questions, ‘Do you feel the energy of this tree?’ or ‘Can you feel your soul extending to infinity in all directions?’  The answer is no.

This makes me feel like a stranger in every aspect, angle and space my body seems to occupy in this world.

I don’t know why I feel this.  Mostly, I find it really exhausting and overwhelming.  I feel it right now as I type this.  An uncomfortable buzz that never leaves me.  I don’t know how to rest as a tiny self with this constant noise and bustle around me.

Here is an excerpt from an article I recently read about Eckhart Tolle that sums up what I perceive.

“Without perceiving things through the old filter of past conditioning and conceptualization, one can sense the universe is intensely alive.  Even so-called inanimate objects – I often pick up little objects and just look at them and sense they are alive.  Physicists actually confirm that what we perceive as dead matter is not dead at all.  Everything is an intensely alive energy field.  That aliveness is only an aspect of the aliveness or life that I am.”

-From ‘The Awakening of Eckhart Tolle’ by Paula Coppel,

(UNITY MAGAZINE)   Here’s the link to the entire interview:

Eckhart’s Interview

I have been running from this my entire life.  It is scary.  It is weird.  It solidifies me as a person who is never going to fit in.  This is my daily struggle.

I have to stop running.  I have to stop caring if you understand.  I can’t pretend any longer.  Why?  Because this constant aliveness-sensing WILL NOT STOP.

I am at fork in the road.  One way continues down a path where I feel everything but acknowledge nothing.  The other is I feel it, I acknowledge it and I share it cautiously with the world.

Thanks for walking the Path with me.


The Story of Two Selves

This is a story about a tiny self.  The tiny self is born, it lives and then it dies.

I don’t know about you but that seems pretty depressing.  Even if a tiny self accomplishes great things as evaluated by the culture of which it believes it belongs, it still dies.

The tiny self’s ending will never change.  Its ending is always tragic or sad.

Then, there’s the story of the Whole Self.  It is timeless, eternal and infinite.  It connects everyone and everything to Love.

The Whole Self never begins so therefore it can never end.  There isn’t technically a story here.  There is only Infinite Light.

The Whole Self is Love.

If the tiny self acknowledges Love in any form, it is acknowledging the Whole Self.  If a tiny self is fearful, it denies the Truth of what-it-really-is.  It thinks it is tiny.  This is where its fear originates.  Wouldn’t you be scared if you believed you could end at any moment?  Wouldn’t you question your value if you could disappear from the earth in an instant?

By my estimation there are a lot of frightened tiny selves out there trying to be whole but failing miserably.

“This body is just an image.

It has nothing to do with what I am.”

-“Your Immortal Reality” by Gary Renard

Whenever your tiny self remembers to Love, see Love or invite Love into its perspective, Heaven rejoices.  Hold tight to this Love.  It is what will bring you Home.  It is what will save you and your tiny self.

It is what will save the world.


Teach Only Love

Teach only love, for that is what you are.

-A Course in Miracles (T-6.1.13:2)

To teach love isn’t to demonstrate it boldly or conspicuously.  It is an action born of the heart and manifests wherever and however needed.  You are only love.  Every day, every minute and every second of the day you choose to remember this, or not.

To have peace, teach peace to learn it.

-ACIM (T-6.V.B.7:5)

Peace is in everything simply waiting to be uncovered.  It waits for you.  It weeps for you.  It carries you through even when you say words such as ‘impossible!’ or ‘never!’ or ‘not for me!’

It is for everyone.  Even your most hated enemy has access to the same peace as you do. Each of us has exactly the same inheritance.


For all of us.

Peace does not judge.

If an obstacle is in your way, it is your gateway. When life doesn’t rise to meet you, this is your invitation to rise up and meet Your Self.  Each time you fall, each time you break, it is your moment to rise.

Keep rising.